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Step to the Future Forums are presented to instil in the lives of young people throughout Australia, new hopes, dreams and aspirations for their future. The forums give them new perspectives, ideas and strategies on how to develop successful careers and create meaningful and fulfilling lives in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.

The one-day interactive forums feature a range of speakers who have made significant achievements in many walks of life - entertainment, sport, business, government, community. They tell stories of significant events in their lives and show how regardless of circumstances, success comes from personal enterprise, imagination, motivation, inspiration, perseverance, compassion and love.
These stories highlight the power of the human spirit and show how anyone can overcome adversity to create their own future and shape their own destiny.


Step to the Future is a youth initiative aimed at inspiring young people to build confidence in themselves so they can take the initiative to reach their goals in life.
The Step to the Future senior program began in 2002 for Years 10-12. It started with one forum in Sydney in May 2002; in 2008 the Foundation will be staging thirty forums nationally.
In 2006 the Foundation piloted an initiative for students in Years 7 to 9 at the request of Principals, teachers and parents called, “Step by Step.” The success of this pilot has led to the expansion of this initiative to eight forum locations in 2008.

Step to the Future aims to provide young Australians with positive role models, motivation and the opportunity to share the life experiences of a diverse group of individuals, representing business, politics, entertainment, sport and the general community. Young people have the opportunity and are encouraged to ask speakers questions during the forum and may have the opportunity to meet the speakers.
A Step to the Future forum is an exciting, dynamic day with students pumped up from listening and interacting with high-profile speakers who share their amazing life experiences. There is also the chance to enter Step Stars. It is a life-changing day.

How It Works

Schools across the country designate a year group to attend this rewarding day which is put on the school calendar as an important school event. The Foundation also works with local youth organisations to identify young people “at risk” and involves them in the organisation and attending the forum in their local area.
Each forum is organised and run by a local Student Organising Committee, comprising students from the designated years.

This committee is responsible for the selection of speakers, the format of the forum, the running of the forum, the marketing of the forum in their schools and local communities, developing story ideas and PR opportunities as well as the development of partnership proposals for local businesses.
Step to the Future Foundation staff mentor the committee throughout the process.

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